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Tokyo, Japan 1986 Honda has just made E0, This was a starting point for Honda Robotics E0 walked 0.10 km per hour, It was more like a trud and had to be on lines while it walked it was in other terms a hard failure.


A year later in the same lab E1 emerged. E1 was slightly faster at 0.25 kph or 0.1553428 mph which is a huge improvement, but it still walked without any sense of its environment which would make its walk cycle look more like a remote control robot.


Only 2 years later E3 was invented this time it has more positive features than negative 1.2km per hour it is slightly bigger and has a more “human-like” walk this is the last major update for the E series.


Later in 1993 P1 was created this was a major advancement and will forever be a head start to robotics. This was the first honda robot to walk on its own, the speed and many other details of P1 or prototype 1 was kept secret by honda and therefore unknown.


P4 made in 2000 is now making a niche for itself having an astronaut looking robot.

P4 can walk 2km per hour. Weighing in at 20kg it is the most advanced robot the world has seen up to this point.


In 2005 Asimo has released (advanced step in mobility), The newest and greatest robot it can run 9km an hour and has a great sense of touch that can use a certain amount of force on an object at any anytime it can jump on 1 foot and talk and communicate to humans it is hondas crowning achievement and it can do many tasks such as poor a drink and bartend.

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